Thursday, February 22, 2018

Need a break

     I have been flying without a break for some time. Desperately need a break from the concrete jungle where I stay. While surfing through the net for a destination, I stumbled upon this pic. Forget the holiday, I decided to test a sample hand made paper which had been lying with me for a long time. It costs a fraction of some of the good brands. I found it really satisfactory for such quick sketches. Need to get more of it. 
     Happy painting every one.


  1. Fabulous greens. oozes peace and relax !

  2. Beautiful choice of colors! The yellows of the background create a wonderful excitement.

  3. Hope you do get out into nature to refresh your soul. Love your plein air paintings and this one looks a bit textured, which adds to the interest (plus less expensive = I think you've found a treasure there!)