Thursday, October 29, 2015

Afghan Church @ Mumbai

          When I first heard the name 'Afghan Church', I had wondered what the Afghans had to do with a church! On reading the history of the place it revealed that this church was built in 1847 in memory of the British soldiers who lost their lives in the first Anglo - Afghan war. The retreat of the British forces from Kabul in 1842 is considered the worst disaster suffered by them in India. The church was built entirely with locally available material and is known for  its wide gothic arches and stained glass windows. The tall structure was supposed to be a landmark for the ships in the Bombay Harbour but is now dwarfed by sky scrapers all around.
          This work was done plein air. The October heat was killing. However I did manage to finish it. This blog should not remain idle lest my friends forget me! Am sorry was missing from the scene for a long time. Work compulsions. 
           Hope you all like this. Have a great weekend.