Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The source of the White Nile is in Lake Victoria near a place called Jinja in Uganda. While proceeding to the source in a boat we came across a lone tree on a platform in the middle of the river. The evening light was playing tricks with the leaves. The reflection in the water was mesmerising. On the whole it made a challenging  subject.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At ease

DRC is a strife torn country. The police have an unenviable job. This gentleman was cought in a rare relaxed moment.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Valley of flowers

Flowers have always fascinated me. The riot of colours that a vast expanse can create is mindblowing.

Water Lilies-2

I was so fascinated by waterlilies that I decided to paint one in watercolours also.

Water Lilies

Inspired by Claude Monet. Decided to paint water lilies. Wanted to do it in the impressionist style! My fastest oil so far. Done in three hours!

Jungle Book

We had a nice sitout on top of a container (called The Machaan) in our camp. Decided to turn it into an actual Machaan. Junglebook was the ideal subject. The result is there for everyone to see.

Call of the Wild

Just arrival in Africa gives you a connect with the wild. Our Gazebo in Focolori camp had been renovated and one of the sides was covered with white plastic sheets to keep out the rains. It made an ideal canvas. My friend Yella had a brainwave. We decided to paint the entire length with animal skin patterns! The outcome was fantastic.


These flowers are popularly known as Christmas flowers. They bloom during this period. This subject was picked up from a book on Indian flowers.


These two small children were clicked by a colleague during christmas celebrations in a nearby church. The innocence on their faces was eyecatching. Could not help but pick up my brushes.


December is a nice sunny month in these parts. Swimming in lake Kivu was fun. Painting this view from the resort Kivu Serena was even more fun. Was rewarded with free beer by the management!!


This roadside foliage in a resort called Yekes gave me another subject for my watercolours


Gisenyi is a nice little town in Rwanda. It is dotted with resorts along lake Kivu. On a visit to a small resort called Paradise I came across this dense foliage near the entrance. It made a nice subject for this watercolour.

Arrival in Congo

Our arrival in DRC at Goma was heralded by the majestic view of the Nyaragongo volcano with smoke bellowing out of the crater. An automatic respect for nature developed. Probably it was inspired by fear.