Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coasting in @ Gadimoga

     I am operating from a helidrome called Gadimoga on the east coast. It is right next to the point where the river Godavari merges into the Bay of Bengal. Flying to offshore oil rigs during the monsoons can be quite tricky. One just wants to hit the coast as soon as possible. This was a sight I saw while returning back from one sortie. Sunlight sneaking in through the dark clouds and the river Godavari lit up with the light. Oh what a sight it was. How I could I not steal some time out of my study schedule for this. It is a quick fire work with some broad wet in wet washes. It was well worth the time spent.      

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Need a break.

     Have been extremely busy flying and preparing for an exam in addition. Absolutely no time for painting or blogging. But today something inside me said 'enough is enough'. I need a break. What a break. What you see here is the result of that break. Am feeling absolutely fresh for the next session with my books. Do you feel the same when you paint? Hope you all like this.