Thursday, May 9, 2013

I got to move it move it !

     Well I was a bit tired of painting straight lines of old architecture which I found quite tedious. I was also in mood for some light work.Found this subject right in front of me while flying for offshore rigs. These oil rigs are massive structures. Some of them are self contained structures which can house 200 workers and in addition the machinery etc. Helicopters land on their helidecks. In fact they are an engineering marvel. Many of these rigs can be moved from one location to another. And to move them these small tug boats are used. The first time I saw them I could not believe it. Three or four of them together can shift these huge structures. Moral of the story.... 'United we stand, divided we fall.' 
     Enjoy !

Monday, May 6, 2013


     This is a painting of the Somnath temple, which has been a symbol of the resilience of the Hindu faith. No one knows when this temple was built originally. After the first time it was destroyed, it was rebuilt in 649 AD. This temple has been destroyed nearly a dozen times.... by the Persians, Arabs, Mughals, by rulers within the country and outside the country. It was looted of it's riches over and over and left to crumble. But some how faith always brought it back. It was finally rebuilt after India gained independence. Some additions are still being made! For reference I am also adding a picture of the state this temple was in before it was last built.
    This temple happened to be very close to where I am currently flying. So what better subject than this to paint. Hope you all found the story interesting and like the work above.