Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shyok Valley

     In the northern most corner of my country India, in the Laddakh region, flows the river Shyok. In the summers this valley is full of tourists. The river is in full flow and the vegetation makes it colorful. However in winters the valley becomes dry and barren. Temperatures drop to as much as 25 degrees below zero. The flow of the river reduces because the glaciers refuse to melt. The tourist camps lie vacant. But I can assure you the valley is still beautiful. Walking in the snow along the river throws up beautiful sights. This is one of them.
     My painting schedule has become a little erratic because of work pressure. I managed to find time and did not want to miss a chance to paint.  Even though the temperatures are still sub zero, managed to do this quickfire watercolor sitting on the banks of the river Shyok. Hope you like it.