Tuesday, June 29, 2010


     The ocean can be a very exciting subject when in an agitated state. Crashing waves and surf have been painted very often. However I came across a picture of calm waters that caught my eye. The water was forming such interesting patterns that I could not resist the temptation to paint it. However there is a gap between the cup and the lip......I faltered many times during the painting. Gave up entirely a few times..... but then something forced me to continue every time. Had started with acrylics. Somewhere down the line switched over to oils. Had no intentions, but ultimately finished it in a semi abstract style. However the most important thing is that it is finally over.......!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Morning Nile

     Around Jinja, the course of the Nile is really interesting. At places it is calm and quiet and at places it narrows down, gains current and makes some really ferocious rapids. The character of the river changes with the time of the day also. Had a chance to walk on its bank early in the morning. This spot caught my eye. The calm waters were suddenly gathering speed. The rocks were forcing the water to make some interesting patterns. The morning mist over the calm waters in the background was making everything fade away. Overall it was an interesting picture. Do let me know if you feel I have been successful in capturing the scene in this watercolor.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Heart in Mouth

     Ever tried white water rafting ? That too in the Nile! Let me assure you it is a fantastic experience. The most exciting part is when you hit the rapids. Exciting - of the 'Heart in Mouth' kind!!! At this point the raft is mostly out of control. You are hoping like hell that it does not overturn. To tell you frankly it is a relief when the rapid ends.  This pic was clicked by the life guard who was ahead of us and attracted my attention. To tell you frankly again, through-out the painting process this one was mostly out of control with my heart in my mouth. I tried every trick in the trade- sponging, masking, plastic wrap, splashing, spattering...to capture the white waters in action. When I finished, it was actually a big relief. But believe me both the rafting and the painting were fun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Morning Light - 2

     Thanks Padmaja and Saini for your valuable inputs. Decided to tweak it a little more. Initially tried watercolours, but the paint was turning muddy. Tried soft pastels instead. The result is in front of you. I think I did come a bit closer to my aim. What do you think? PS: Padmaja, you had not even seen the original pic. But your inputs were bang on. That just shows your understanding of light and its nuances. Saini, keep contributing. Ill improve!!! Yr next pic is welcome!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Morning Light???

     I am really fascinated how some of my friends manage to capture light at various times of the day in their paintings. Have always wanted to do the same. This watercolour sketch was made from a photograph clicked by my friend KS Saini who is very fond of roaming in the hills. However it is a failed sketch because the aim of capturing the morning light could not be achieved. Just could not figure out the reason. Can someone help?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simply.... A Rose

     Since the time I have started blogging, have been learning a lot from fellow bloggers. Carol Schiff had mentioned in her blog carolschiffstudio.blogspot.com that to break the monotony of a big art work try doing a small work in between. It acts as a therapy. It definitely worked for me. I had been working on a large piece. Then due to my primary profession pressures could not paint for a few days. Was finding it difficult to get back to my work station. Decided to do a small sketch. This rose outside my door caught my attention. Double benefits. I have a new painting for my blog......am already charged up for my next painting.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Saviour

       Picking up a survivor from a stormy sea is a very difficult task. A helicopter pilot has to muster all his skills to accomplish it successfully. It can be both emotionally and physically draining. But once the task is done, believe you me, it can be an all time high of ones lifetime. There have been numerous daring rescues on the high seas. However there are no photographs to document them. How can there be, when you are all alone there. All your attention is focussed on the task at hand. Where is the time to take photographs. All that you can do is come back and tell the story. This is an attempt by me to visualize and  document the scene. This is a salute to the entire breed of 'Helicopter Pilots', the unsung heroes, who keep risking their own lives, so that someone else can come back home to their loved ones. This painting was done sometime back but I thought it prudent to post it here as this blog is an attempt to bring my profession and passion together.