Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jaigad fort

     Jaigad is a coastal town in Ratnagiri district. Nestled on a cliff is the Jaigad fort. It has a commanding view of the bay where the Shastri river meets the Bay of Bengal. Made in the 16th century by the Bijapur kings, it passed through the hands of Peshwas, Kanhoji Angre and finally the British. Though most of the structure is intact, the place lies unkempt and in ruins. Part of the reason is that this place lies off the tourist circuit.  But still I feel we need to protect our heritage. 
     While on my visit to Ganpatipule, I had visited this place. Felt bad at the neglect and decided to paint this watercolor as a tribute. Probably somebody will take notice and do something to bring up this place.      


  1. Lovely work and a good post, AK. Enjoy your painting and journey of art. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. I enjoyed your art work very much !!
    Very good creations !!!

  3. Bonjour,

    J'aime les mots qui accompagnent cette merveilleuse aquarelle.
    Gros bisous