Monday, April 24, 2017

Surat Shipyard

     Well I am in Surat again. This coastal town has many industries including a shipyard which is located where the Tapti river meets the Bay of Bengal. Used to see the shipyard everyday from a close by bridge while crossing the river. The massive cranes and the under construction ships looked so daunting. Wanted to see them up close but was not allowed to enter the shipyard. Finally decided to do the next best thing, paint it from a vantage point on the bridge. In the blistering summer heat, it was a tough task. Started the work plein air but finished it in the cool confines of my room.
     Hope you all like it. Have a great week ahead.      


  1. Thanks for sharing another great painting. The cranes seem to bring an orderliness to the scene.
    Stay inspired!

  2. You've given a fresh take on what could be a dull, rusty,dirty subject and I LOVE that bright blue tower/building that is like a found jewel! Beautiful work, as always.

  3. You made a wonderful painting out of a scene that is normally not particularly appealing, really great job !

  4. This is lovely! we have a shipyard near by and I am surprised how alike they are --even though you have made it beautiful as well !

  5. Thanks for the visit and the kind words.