Friday, April 15, 2016

Konkan railway @ Doodhsagar

     The Indian western coast is flanked on one side by the Western Ghats, a hill range covering the entire coast line. The hills are covered with thick forests and heavy rainfall is the norm. The Konkan rail line, as it is called was constructed along this hill range. This is a beautiful and scenic journey which will mesmerise anyone. It has 91 tunnels and over 2000 bridges.The construction of this line was a real challenge. The tunnels had to be dug through loose soil. There was no technology available in the world for this and much of the work had to be carried out manually. The frequent cave ins and landslides claimed 19 lives. It was completed in six years in 1998.
     The picture I have painted here is the train arriving at the Doodhsagar station. 'Doodhsagar' is a waterfall (the tallest in India) which means 'sea of milk', The fine spray of the fall creates a feel of white milk with the hills in the backdrop. The train chugging in through the spray is a breathtaking sight. I hope I have been able to capture the atmosphere and you get motivated to visit this place. Trust me you will not regret.
     Have a great weekend.


  1. with this painting in my imagination will travell to this place....

  2. What an interesting perspective [and history]. Love how you painted the platform in the foreground!
    And thank you, Asit for your encouraging comment on my latest painting.

  3. Wow, you definitely did capture the atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.

    Stay inspired!

  4. Hi, AK, lovely work, particularly washes and colour use. Hope you will enjoy drawing more than ever. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. Amazing work very well captured !

  6. Wonderful painting, enhanced by the description, the history..

  7. Wonderful painting AK, nice concept and execution, I like the misty falls.

  8. Ciao AK,
    your paintings tell us about places very far from here and that we don't know, so itìs a very good experience to see your blog, also because you are a good painter.
    Sorry because this year I visit not often my blog s friend as you, but it needs too much time and I had problems.
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  9. Beautiful!!! Love everything about this one from the lines leading us in to the misty sky and surrounding tracks and lines.