Sunday, July 21, 2013


     Kathakali is a highly stylized classical Indian dance drama which has its origin in the Indian state of Kerala in the 17th century. Traditionally there are 101 stories which are enacted in this form. Earlier the performances were designed to last the whole night however they have been modified with the changing times. Now they last for 3-4 hours. This dance form is noted for its colourful make-up, elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well defined body movement. Percussion is the main accompaniment. The stage actually becomes a riot of colors. It becomes too tempting to resist painting. Hope this work conveys the story...!


  1. Dear AK,
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful work and interesting post. The dancer's costume, make up and body language symbolize so many things. Oh, AK, you know, I sketched Indian festival these years. You have to come Sydney and sketch it togther!
    Best wishes, Sadami

    1. Thanks Sadami. Would love to take this offer some time.

  2. The energy of this dance form and the vibrancy of the costume is beautifully showcased in your work, I hope to enjoy more forms of Indian dances from you!

  3. Wow! Such colour and energy. I can see this dance through your painting. Great job!

  4. Very nice figurative work, Asit.I liked the last post too, your greens were exquisite.

  5. Hello, Asit.
    I loved this painting as soon as I saw it. It is such a beautiful and striking rendering of a fascinating subject.

  6. Very interesting painting wonderful too your explanations
    of a very tradional dance, very difficult to learn for foreigners,
    one need years and a lot of experience hours for the make up
    background music basicly necessary , can hear it looking at
    your picture.....thank you for sharing and painting painting this
    would like to copy the picture for my studies in dancing, may I??
    only for privat.use.......

  7. I can feel the movement in this piece...I love the expression on his face and the details in his crown is fantastic, AK!!! A very interesting post..

  8. Beautifully painted and interesting to learn about this custom of the Indian tradition. I particularly like how you painted the white dress.

  9. beautiful vignette and costume AK

  10. Asit, great rendering of the costume. I like how you showed the enegy of the dance with the background, too. Always enjoy hearing about the culture from around the world.

  11. Yes, it does:) and i also feel the colorful energy of the dance. I used to love to watch these growing up - but never managed to stay awake through the all night performance even once !

  12. Come sempre i tuoi lavori sono interessanti e molto affascinanti