Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jalebeeeeeee !

     The first month of the year and nothing to talk about. I am sorry but that is what happens when you are in a demanding profession. Anyway I have some more interesting tit-bits for you all.
     North India is famous for it's street food. Unfortunately most of the tourists shy away from it because of hygiene reasons. But let me assure you some of those avoidable looking stalls serve some real yummmmy delicacies. One of the dishes served at many places is a sweet called Jalebi. Though the earliest mention of this dish in Indian texts dates to 1450 AD but we are still not sure if we can lay a claim to its origins. A very similar dish is called Zulubiya in Iran, Zellabia in Lebanon and Z'labia in Tunisia. Any way, who ever wins, the final winner is this tasty dish called Jalebi. So next time you visit us do make it a point try it.
     I hope you love this painting of a street food vendor and also get to enjoy his Jalebis. Have a fantastic year ahead.



  1. dear asit, interesting in telling and showing your
    interesting culture in daily life. Wonderful natural
    painting....can smell the taste of the street food....

  2. Bonjour,
    Je suis très admirative, j'aime cette merveilleuse aquarelle, de par son atmosphère, ses couleurs et sa composition.
    Je rentre du Senegal et j'ai voulu lors de,divers déplacements manger et être au meme diapason que les sénégalais. Je trouve que c'est important pour mieux s'imprégner du pays...
    Gros bisous

  3. I like this painting, conveying the atmosphere of street vendors and food being prepared. It looks like it has a lot of detail, but in fact you simplified it so masterfully.

  4. I love such compositions that throw light on our street lives, very nicely done!Sometimes we have to let go of hygiene to enjoy such down to earth joys of life.

  5. Hi Asit, thanks for the interesting explanation about the sweet Jalebi. Your street scene is absolutely gorgeous, fantastic composition and beautiful colors. Great job!

  6. Stupendi i colori e il soggetto. Anche nel sud dell'Italia è uso
    il cibo di strada ed è una cosa molto caratteristica.

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  8. A very interesting post, Asit. I could probably use some of this dessert...I read that it helps if you have a headache..?!
    This watercolor is truly beautiful ...wonderful colors!!

  9. Very nicely done! interesting bits of info too :) Its been a while since I visited and I have missed a few great paintings! especially love the Dalai Lama portrait!

  10. Yes Asit, I do love your painting of street food vendors. I have to agree with Blaga, the way you have simplified things is marvellous, especially the figure top right, where you have also used more subtle colours, which has the effect of placing the person further into the background.

  11. Thanks for the encouragement friends. You all inspire me.

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  13. Beautiful work, Asit. I love the vignetting, the way the details disappear as you move from the center of interest. It's a great scene.