Monday, December 17, 2012

Gateway of India.

    The Gateway of India was a monument built during the British rule in India. Earlier it used to be a crude jetty used by fishermen of the area. It was renovated and this structure built, to make it befitting for prominent people to land. The structure used to be the first thing to be seen by visitors coming to Mumbai by boat. Now it is overshadowed by sky scrapers all around. The waters are choked with variety of boats. Catamarans and flashy yachts compete with age old ferries for space. The huge ships entering and exiting Mumbai harbor dominate all of them. But in the end it is peaceful co existence for all.
     A week end trip of water color painting. Was not entirely happy but then.....


  1. Thank you for this interesting piece of history. I like this watercolor a lot, and especially the way you rendered the water - beautiful light and reflections, very impressionistic.

  2. Asit, I always learn something interesting from your posts. Thank you!
    This watercolor does show the activity in this area. I find water difficult to paint in watercolor - you have done a very good job. This is a very nice painting.

  3. You create a calm in your watercolors, very pleasing to look at. Your water is fabulous. It looks like you paint with such ease......

  4. Wonderful sight of the Gateway of India, I like the movement and the beautiful light of the whole painting. Ciao, Asit!

  5. Hi Asit. I am sorry to hear your weekend was not too happy. However you did create a lovely painting of the harbor and the Gateway of India.

    1. Thanks for the concern... actually what I meant was that I was not very happy with the results !!

  6. amazing picture and interesting story as well...
    you are really exellent artist, how you put your
    watercolours moving,flowing water, perfect perspectivity,

  7. I dont know why you are saying that you are unhappy with the result, for my eyes, this is actually a very complicated composition with a tough angle to the gate to be dealt with, the various details are crafted to perfection,including the water and the boats.Just perfect!

  8. Ciao Ak,
    è un dipinto che coinvolge e ti fa sentire lì, in mezzo al mare a seguire un traffico di barche!
    Ciao, tanti auguri per il 2013! Abbracci, Floriana

  9. Wonderful blues and reflections, AK!!! A beautiful watercolor!!!

  10. Thanks friends for the kind words.