Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mhadei sets sail again !

     Had done this work more than two years back. The occasion was... my friend, Commander Donde had successfully completed the solo circum-navigation of the world... the First Indian to do so. This painting is of his Sail Boat- Mhadei. Had to repost this pic because another Indian Naval officer- Lieutenant Commander Tomy has set course in the same small, fragile boat. He has also set course alone on this voyage... wants to repeat the feat... with an added challenge. He wants to go round the world... Non Stop... Unassisted ! Friends, please wish him luck. His live updates will be available for all


  1. Une bien belle peinture... J'aime également les mots qui l'accompagnent.
    Le travail de l'eau est superbe.
    Gros bisous et bon vent à votre ami !

  2. Lovely work Asit, and love the accompanying story. Best wishes to the Commander.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Abhilash, this comment made my day. There are some more Air Force flyboys who are eagerly following you. Keep going buddy our best wishes are with you.

  4. perfect blue colours of water and sky..
    of cours the wonderful boat
    really beautiful... thanks for sharing
    this special story... good luck for Tomy....

  5. I hope this beautiful painting brings the lone sailor lots of luck and good winds!

  6. Ciao Ak,
    beatiful idea and beatiful work!
    I think your friends say you "thanks a lot"
    because you give them famous!
    Good luck for this new trip!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  7. Oh my, wishing him lots of luck, what a courage ! Your painting is beautiful and has a very special meaning.

  8. Hi Asit, all my best to the Commander! Your watercolor is very nice and it shows very well how small and fragile is this boat compared to the immensity of the oceans. Ciao!

  9. bellissimo. Hai reso, come dice Tito, la fragilità della barca nella solitudine e nell'immensità del mare. Elvi

  10. Beautiful painting! Wishing your friend safe sailing.

  11. It is a fabulous piece of work from you.. just as fabulous as your friend's goal to achieve.. I wish him good luck!

  12. Thanks a lot friends, from me and Tomy.

  13. wow that's quite a challenge non - stop ...must be a trust worthy boat second time ...great tribute to your friend !