Wednesday, May 5, 2010


       In the Great African Rift Valley there are a number of huge lakes. Lake Kivu is one of them. However inspite of being one of the biggest and deepest fresh water lakes of the world it has no marine life. It is because of a huge store of carbon-di-oxide and methane at its mysterious bottom. Scientists have said that in case of a phenomena called lake overturn, the carbon-di-oxide will gush out and all life on the banks of the lake will also be destroyed due to suffocation. There happen to be a number of towns and villages all around the lake! Am I scaring you? Anyway it is a blessing to have an opportunity to fly in this great continent. It has been well endowed by  mother nature and so many of its mysteries have not yet been solved.
       This is a painting made from an aerial shot taken by me of lake Kivu. Watercolour was the best medium to capture the mystery of this great lake. I want to paint a series on Africa. Wish me luck.


  1. Asit, Thank you for becoming a following of my art blog and your comment. Thats what brought me to yours and I am happy to have found it .. Your so fortunate to travel so much and take your own photos. A dream come true for artists. I rarely get out of the state of Florida, so I depend on the generosity of other photographers also a site called Wet Canvas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i love the write up too. great work of art...

  3. Thanks Barbra, Thanks sir.