Monday, August 16, 2010

Times Square

     I was generally bored with painting my usual landscapes, or as Ron Morrison says 'Landscraping'. Was looking for something different. My friend AD Roy had just returned from the US and was literally forcing me to see all the photographs he had clicked. This picture of The Times Square, 42nd street, New York caught my attention. I had never painted a night scene in watercolors. Decided to go ahead and give it a try. This made my friend AD also happy and I could get rid of him for some time (pun intended). I believe, he is ready and waiting with his next set of pics!


  1. This is a TERRIFIC piece! Lots of colour and still very much a night piece. You captured all the hustle and bustle and it still feels like a unified painting. Great! You must thank AD for boring you with his photos ; )

  2. It's a very good work, AK!!It's Very very difficult to represent night scene!

  3. really interesting painting, new one...
    let me say, I miss your feeling that you have
    been in this place- perfect yes, cannot find
    your personal ( intention?) signature, may I
    say this? difficult to paint such a picture
    with watercolour. please try again, more free,
    hope you will understand what I wan to say.

  4. so special congrats from me; Asit...It's a real challenge to paint the night scene but you did it very good. The colours give the right mood. Great!

  5. This watercolor is really wonderful Asit. I know very well how much difficult is to paint a night scene, in my opinion you did it very well!! Congratulations. Ciao.

  6. Asit, I think that this is a beautiful painting! I have painted only one city night scene, and it is certainly a challenge.
    You have indeed captured the spirit of Times Square. I will be going to NYC in the fall to visit my you want more pictures:-)

  7. Great work! I feel the energy and love the strange mix of centuries with the big buildings, lights, cars, and horse and buggy. I recall riding in one on a visit there a few decades ago.
    Stay inspired!

  8. Hey AK, be thankful to your friend for enabling you to come up with this one! You are very much right out of your box here and you have proved that you can be game for this kind of work, so no stopping you to do more!
    I have been there on this street and you caught the energy of the street very well, with water color, it is a tough cookie to crack!
    Special mention should be made on the horse cart and the cars.. very very lovely work, keep it up!

  9. Asit, this is wonderful painting. According to me you have achieved what you set out to achieve before starting this painting. Congratulation!

  10. AK, it is more beautiful than the times square in real life. Splendid! The buggy and the foreground is fantastic, and the neon sign boards are just so full of life.

  11. Hi AK, What a lovely painting. The colors are subtle and perfect. I like the contrast of the building signs against the night sky. Really drawn well. Did your friend get this pic as a gift?

  12. Hi AK,
    Thanks so much for your very kind comment.
    This is a lovely watercolour.x

  13. Great loose style. A night street scape is a wonderful peice full of night life. Thank you for being part of FWW, I enjoy your comments.

  14. I like the style of this, good painting!

  15. Asit,

    I think you have captured it perfectly! It never hurt for us to step out of our comfort zones, and the rusults are usually worth it!

    Good to see this!

    Take care,

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  17. This is one of those paintings that one has to click on to enlarge to truly enjoy the detail! Wonderful job with the night shadows and the "bright lights" of the big city.

  18. Thanks every one for your kind comments. This is what drives me. PS...AD is very happy with the response he got from you!!!

  19. Excellent piece of work - I would never have thought of painting a night scene in watercolour. This is the sort of painting I like, lots to see and discover every time you stop to look at the painting.

  20. Muy bien representado, es un tema complicado que has resuelto con maestría.

  21. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us

  22. Olá, obrigada pela visita ao Illustratus. Teu trabalho é muito belo. Parabéns!

    Rosa Maria